Stanislav Shklyar’s CUP 2016

Warning to all coaches and dance couples!
Renew the registration for the tournament «Cup of Stanislav Shklyar 2016» until 4 December 2016, inclusive.
We ask you to register for the tournament in due time
Participation in the tournament without pre-registration is only possible by agreement with the organizer of the tournament.

Stanislav Shklyar’s CUP 2016
For the 16 times international dance sport tournament Stanislav
Shkliar Cup will be held in Dnepropetrovsk on 10-12 December 2016, in accordance with the decision of the Presidium of the World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF).

This year Ukraine was granted the honor of the World Dance Sport
competitions in the European Cup 10 Dance and world level competitions
WDSF International Standard, World Open Latin and WDSF Open 10 Dance.
Also within the frames of the tournament will be held competitions in more than 45 categories.

In a competittion of such level will come to our city athletes,
coaching teams and the judges from Israel, Russia, Romania, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Estonia, Poland, Macedonia, Portugal, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Norway, Georgia, Czech Republic, France, Lithuania, Cyprus, Armenia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovakia, Germany, Albania, Belarus, Moldova and all over Ukraine, including Crimea.
Different categories of competing world ranking international couples from more than 25 countries, just over 2,000 athletes.

Venue of international competitions — Menorah Grand Hall, the only place in Dnepropetrovsk, which meets international standards of WDSF for this tournament.

The official hotel for the judging panel — Menorah Hotel, for athletes and coaching teams — Hotel Dnipropetrovsk, gladly accepted all the guests of the event.

Every day for a holiday of sport and dance will be watching more than 1,200 spectators, athletes, fans and their relatives, day and evening divisions.

Conducting international tournament in Ukraine with the assistance of the state leadership demonstrates the European course of Ukraine, international standards and support towards culture and sports.

The organizer of the tournament,
Petrovskyi Oleg

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